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Tower installation started prior to residence being built, because we needed access to back of property without construction material and site making it difficult.

The first part of the tower construction involved having a hole dug for the installation of rebar and building a concrete tower pad. On July 22, 2004 construction of the tower pad began. Digging of the hole was made very easy with the work of earth drill. Hole was dug to a depth of 8 ft. 2 inches and a diameter of 4 ft. The rebar was set into the hole over some brick supports to keep the rebar off of the ground. As concrete was poured, a vibrator was used to assure no air pockets would develop. You can follow development below:

Allowing the concrete tower pad sufficient time to cure well and slow, tower was not installed until September 11, 2004. The installation began when the owner of Heights Tower System, Drake Dimitry drove up with the complete tower in a small trailer pulled by his small truck. 2 1/2 hours later we had the tower completely installed and standing in the air majestically. I had great expectation at this time! Hi! You can follow tower construction below:

Tower Installation Completed!

IMG_2663.jpg (596951 bytes) IMG_2664.jpg (478067 bytes) IMG_0828.JPG (783891 bytes) IMG_0829.JPG (720681 bytes)

Installation of Tilt-over motor!

The next step in the installation was running 4" PVC conduit from the house to the tower. I needed electricity at the tower also, so I ran a 1" electrical conduit, 4" PVC conduit and a 2" PVC conduit. In the 2" PVC conduit in ran 2 1/2 inch Heliax cables for the main operations. In the 4" PVC, I ran control cables for rotor and antenna switch, plus an extra control cable and two 50 ohm Davis RF Bury-flex cables for future use. The future use cables are extras at this time, but may be placed in service as antenna farm grows.. Hi!

When excavating the trench to lay the PVC pipe in, we were at 36" depth at each end and 48" depth in the middle. Prior to laying PVC, l layed a bed of peat gravel at the 48" depth allow water drainage from PVC to occur. Small holes were drilled in PVC at that 48" depth point and wrapped in brass screen. This procedure allows any water buildup to exit from the weep holes into the gravel bed. Our water table is much lower than the 48" depth, so that causes no problem. Below are pictures of excavation:

IMG_0876.JPG (275220 bytes) IMG_0878.JPG (300060 bytes) IMG_0879.JPG (296093 bytes)

Excavation and Installation of PVC Piping for Coax Runs

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